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Ep #10: Cursing and Crying Your Way to a Powerful Brand With Patty Lennon

  Are you afraid of making mistakes? You’re not alone. But the problem with being afraid of making mistakes - as a business owner, a thought leader, a public figure - is that it can prevent us from being our authentic selves. And you can't build a brand without being authentic 100% of the time. That’s [...]

Ep #9: The Curse of Being Neutral

  Nobody wants to alienate potential clients or offend people that may be interested in working with them. However, it is much more important to take a stand and pick a side on important issues that relate to your brand. Nika Stewart and Robert Mandelberg discuss the intricacies of picking a side and doing it in [...]

Ep #8: Social Media Marketing for Introverts

  Is it really possible to market yourself online in a big way if you’re introverted? If you’ve found yourself asking this question, I’m here to tell you that the answer is yes! Being introverted doesn’t mean you can't market effectively through social media—it just means you have to learn how to do it as you. [...]

Ep #7: How to Stand Out From the Noise: The Power of a Whisper

  Have you ever noticed how easy it has become to tune out the clutter on social media? Think about it: as soon as you log on, you’re bombarded by tons of people’s posts that basically scream look at me! It all starts to blend together until nothing really stands out anymore because everyone is doing the [...]

Ep #6: How to Use the Psychology of Color to Your Advantage

  Did you know that color can impact how people see your brand? It’s true! Colors influence our perception, and different hues cause certain emotional and physical reactions in the body. Understanding those reactions and what emotions that get triggered is a critical part of any brand's overall impression on customers and prospects.  The trick is [...]

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Ep #5: Master Your Message with Robby the Hat

  What's your messaging? Today's episode is a deep dive into helping listeners understand and clarify their messaging which is becoming more and more important in today's world of short attention spans. When you have a clearly defined message, you have something to say that's consistent and unique to you. It starts with your area of [...]

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Ep #4: First Impressions: How to Create a Powerful Profile

  We’ve all heard how important it is to make a first impression, but have you considered the first impression you’re making online? In today’s episode, we explore ways to enhance your online branding by concentrating on how you are first perceived. Nika shares how inspiring trust and confidence helps create an authentic and convincing offering [...]

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How to Write an Exceptional LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Success for Leaders: It Starts with a Powerful Profile It’s a fact: Executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders are leveraging the power of LinkedIn to stand out in crowded fields. How would rate the quality of your presence, experience, and outcomes on LinkedIn? You’ve likely started an account, created a bare-bones profile, and cultivated a [...]

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Ep #3: It’s Time To Pick A Fight: Why Having An Enemy Will Strengthen Your Brand

  The topic of today's episode may come as a surprise to many looking to build their own personal brand, but every great brand has a clearly defined enemy.  Embracing the concept of having common enemies with your audience will transform your brand from boring to powerful.  Nika shares a story about how the messaging around [...]

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Ep #2: The Personal Brand Posting Formula

  Welcome to episode two of SHINE, the podcast for personal brands hosted by the CEO of, Nika Stewart. Today's episode dives into a question that every single person considers at some point when it comes to social media: "What the heck should I post on social media?" Not only has Nika posted for herself [...]