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Instagram And The Future Of E-Commerce

The verdict is in: People are buying more products directly from their smartphones, and social media is trying to keep up. Imagine scrolling through Instagram and having the ability to purchase that dress/book/mascara/canned unicorn meat instantly, without having to go through the hassle of the old Click Link in Bio. Wouldn't it make sense to just [...]

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Need to Know: Pinterest Fine-Tunes Its Targeted Ad Campaigns

These days, finding a plot of land in social media advertising real estate is getting more and more competitive. In a bid to keep up with media giants Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest has entered the battle for the attention spans of the masses. With over 150 million monthly users, the “world’s catalog of ideas,” provides tons [...]

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10 Reasons to Register for Social Essentials NOW

What is Social Essentials? Quite simply: Social Essentials is Ghost Tweeting’s one-post-a-day solution to your social media woes. Pick a platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter), and our social media writers will create and post custom content for your account. Want to learn more? Here are 10 great benefits of the program: 1. One Post a Day [...]

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Steal These 3 Social Media Tricks From Celebs

Thanks to Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, and Facebook, we are in celebrities' bathrooms, their private jets, their backstage green rooms... we know everything about them. Here, we’ve found a few tricks inspired by these social masters that you can swipe to build your own social media stardom.

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