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Know Your Rights When Hiring a Social Media Manager

By | 2019-03-18T09:51:28+00:00 March 15th, 2019|

March 15th is marked as World Consumer Rights Day to raise global awareness about consumer rights and needs. So it's the perfect day to openly share what you have every right to expect when you hire a social media manager, firm, or agency. Social media management is on the rise, as entrepreneurs and thought leaders understand how [...]

To Polarize or Not to Polarize: Why the Best Brands Take a Stand

By | 2019-03-07T13:41:41+00:00 March 7th, 2019|

"When you post on social media, avoid religion and politics" How many times have you heard that you should avoid controversial or potentially polarizing topics in your marketing? It’s one of the oldest rules in the book: Unless you want to alienate your audience, don’t say anything that could offend anyone. Don’t plant your feet on [...]

Unexpected Social Media Advice from Dr. Seuss

By | 2019-03-01T15:22:43+00:00 March 1st, 2019|

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss! As we do every year on this special day, we reflect on some of the lessons that the good doctor taught us, and how we can incorporate them into our everyday social media life. Here are some great Dr. Seuss quotes gathered by our creative social media writer Laura Cunningham. Which one [...]

Video Saved the Social Media Star

By | 2019-01-25T12:56:25+00:00 January 25th, 2019|

A brief overview of the benefits of video on social media (plus four awesome clips!) Ugh, is this another blog article that will make me zone out by the first paragraph? I bet it’s just a bunch of meaningless words strung together to tell me about something I don’t really care about. Another boring...hey is that [...]

Let’s Taco Bout It: Lessons Learned from Taco Bell’s Social Success

By | 2019-01-15T09:49:25+00:00 January 15th, 2019|

Taco Bell had a goal to compete with other big name fast food chains - and to do that, they had to convince a younger demographic to purchase their products. Their marketing team knew that to build loyalty among millennials, they had to do more than just sell cheap tacos. They needed to engage, connect, and [...]

3 Essential Social Media Trends for 2019

By | 2018-12-31T10:34:47+00:00 January 2nd, 2019|

2018 has been an incredible year for social media marketing. Since the last time we made some predictions about the top trends in social media, we’ve seen video and live content skyrocket in popularity, and much more. Though 2018 hasn’t always been a positive year for social media, we’ve heard the murmurings of some amazing new [...]

Headlines! Headlines! Read All About It!

By | 2018-12-31T11:20:58+00:00 December 31st, 2018|

WAR! FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD HEADLESS BODY FOUND IN TOPLESS BAR Newspapers have always tried to attract the public with provocative headlines, something that would catch a person’s eye at the newsstand. Social media is no different. With a deluge of content bombarding us day in and day out, it’s very easy for information to [...]

The Most Important Social Media Trend to Embrace in 2019

By | 2018-12-21T10:19:33+00:00 December 21st, 2018|

Though social media has evolved, offering us new opportunities for deep and meaningful connection with others, we as brands and businesses have deeply failed our audiences. Trust in social media was shaken to the core in 2018. From the scandal where Facebook allowed an outside agency to access users’ personal information, to the proliferation of fake [...]

Why Losing 1700 Twitter Followers Was the Best Thing to Happen to My Account

By | 2018-10-29T13:28:16+00:00 October 29th, 2018|

Not every account on social media is created equal. In fact, some aren’t even run by real people. Some of the largest platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, are rife with fake or inactive users. Which is why back in July, Twitter executed a massive purge of locked or fake accounts. Some of the largest accounts (Katy [...]

A Brief History of Major Social Media Platforms

By | 2018-10-03T13:43:09+00:00 October 2nd, 2018|

From the news-sharing Usenet system developed in 1979, to Facebook's billion-user platform four decades later, social media has certainly come a long way. What began as a simple way for students of Duke University's computer science department to share information has paved the way for hundreds (if not thousands) of communication platforms being used across the [...]