Ep #10: Cursing and Crying Your Way to a Powerful Brand With Patty Lennon

//Ep #10: Cursing and Crying Your Way to a Powerful Brand With Patty Lennon


Are you afraid of making mistakes? You’re not alone. But the problem with being afraid of making mistakes – as a business owner, a thought leader, a public figure – is that it can prevent us from being our authentic selves. And you can’t build a brand without being authentic 100% of the time.

That’s why the message in this episode is so important. Today, I’m sharing a conversation I had with Patty Lennon, an amazing woman who helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs build businesses that are infused with their soul. A national motivational speaker, Patty admits that she made mistakes in the beginning of her career, but that many of those mistakes actually helped shape the powerful brand she has today.

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What You’ll Discover In Today’s Episode:

  • Why making “mistakes” can turn out to be the best thing for your brand.
  • The reason mimicking another brand doesn’t work.
  • How being authentic—even when it’s scary—creates the space to have a relationship with your people.
  • Ways that going against the “rules” can create a powerful brand.
  • Why the thing that turns people off about your brand is your biggest asset.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

To be anything on the stage other than who I truly was, was just so heavy -@PattyLennon33 Click To Tweet

To try and put a brand out there that isn’t who you are—it becomes exhausting. -@PattyLennon33 Click To Tweet

The thing that pisses people off the most about you is your biggest asset - @PattyLennon33 Click To Tweet

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