Ghost Tweeting Frequently Asked Social Media Marketing Questions (and answers!)

On this page, we answer the most common questions about using our unique social media marketing services.  If you find that you still have unanswered questions, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to speak with you.

I just registered! How long will it take to get started?

When you first register, you are emailed an intake questionnaire automatically. Your first month’s service will begin within two weeks of sending us back a completed questionnaire. During that time, our team reviews your website(s), blog articles, programs, products, services, and existing social media content to learn about you and your brand. We then compose content in your voice and style. You will be notified by email the day your program is launched.

How important is the intake questionnaire? Can I change my answers down the road?

The questionnaire is very important because it is how we get to know you and your brand. Also, it gives you an opportunity to shape your campaign with your preferences. The completed questionnaire is used by our writers and account managers as the road map in creating and executing your social media strategy.

We begin working on your account immediately upon receipt of your completed questionnaire. Any additions or alterations can be incorporated in subsequent account updates.

What types of tweets will you post?

We use a powerful blend of your direct quotes (from your blog, website, social media sites, and published works), along with links to your blog articles, service/product offerings, social media pages, and other relevant sites. We also post quotes from inspirational and famous people who align with your brand and style.

To summarize, the tweets we post for you consist of:

  • your tips and quotes
  • links to your blog articles
  • links to your service / product offerings
  • links to your other social media pages
  • relevant and complementary content from other sources (news, trends, resources)
  • inspirational quotes from people who align with your brand and goals

Can I send you new content to post on Twitter for me? (Or: “I just posted a new blog article. Why are you not tweeting it?”)

In the Twitter Buzz program, we write and schedule tweets for you once per month. This means that on or about the same day every month, your writer will visit your account and write fresh tweets for you. We then schedule the tweets to be posted throughout the month. If you have an event, promotion, product, launch, video, media interview, television appearance, or anything else you want us to include, please be sure to get us the information before we write your tweets for the upcoming month. This is usually the same day of the month that you registered for your program. If you are unsure of the date, please ask! You can email the information you want posted along with the direct URLs to If you send us the information after we write your posts for the month, you will have to wait until the following month for us to tweet about it.

In the Twitter Master program, we write new tweets once per week. Feel free to email your account manager directly and he or she will make sure to use that content the next time tweets are written.

In some of our customized corporate programs, we write new tweets daily or on the fly and can accommodate daily requests for posting. Please email your account manager directly.

Please keep in mind that your writer automatically visits your site and blog when it is time to create new tweets for you; but If you would like to send us suggestions for new content, please feel free to do so, within the above time frames.

Can I change or add to the “Relationship Building” list in the Twitter Master program?

You sure can! If you would like to add someone to this list, log on to your Twitter account (using, and access that user’s profile. You will see a blue “Following” or “Follow” button (depending on whether or not you are already following the user). To the left of this button is another button with a shadowed figure on it. Click it, and a drop-down menu will appear. Click “add or remove from lists” and then click the appropriate list (it will usually be titled “GT Relationships”). And you are done! There is a tendency to want to click the “create a list” button at the bottom, but there is no need, as the person is added just by checking the appropriate box. The same process can be used to remove someone from this list. Once someone is added, we will be able to see their tweets and retweet them.

Am I still able to tweet on my account?

Absolutely! Anything you post on Twitter will not affect your campaign. We maintain a steady presence for you and post the content that needs to be published on a consistent basis. Feel free to post your own tweets on the fly, engage your followers, and retweet others. It’s fun!

For those of you in the Twitter Master or customized programs, please remember that we will be acknowledging your followers who retweet you. If you do the same, we may be duplicating efforts. This can easily be synchronized through communication with your account manger.

I keep getting direct messages from my followers with links. Is it okay if I click the links in the messages?

No! It’s a very bad idea. Please do NOT ever click a link in a direct message. Chances are that it is either a virus, spam, or an autoresponder. Some of these messages are very tempting. They say things like: “Hey, is this you in this video?” or “You won’t believe what this person said about you!” or “I laughed when I saw this pic of you.” Although your instincts tell you to click the links to investigate, do not! In most cases, the people sending the messages do not even know that they sent them. The message is a Twitter virus. And by clicking the link, you will contract the same virus and unknowingly send out the very same direct message to your followers. Twitter will then suspend your account (temporarily, most likely).

Links in regular tweets are usually safer (but not always). Use common sense when clicking links in regular tweets or in @mentions.

When I follow certain users, I get a direct message thanking me and inviting me to visit a website, sign up for a newsletter, or like a Facebook page. Should I have an autoresponder like this on my account?

We do not recommend it. Autoresponders of this kind are generally seen as “spammy” by the Twitter community. The last thing you want is for users to report you as spam to Twitter. Too many of these can result in an account suspension. Plus, these autoresponders are largely ineffective and inappropriate. It is not likely that a new user will immediately run over and like your Facebook page. Let’s lure them to this page through quality content and consistent tweeting.

How do you find people to follow for me?

We find people in your target audience by searching for special keywords that are contained in Twitter users’ profiles or actual tweets. Example: If you are a business consultant who coaches wellness professionals, we may search for terms like “Nutritionist” or “Personal Trainer” in profiles. If you are a realtor, we may search for people who mentioned “buy” and “house” in the same tweet. Also, we sometimes search for Twitter users who are following people similar to you. Once we create a list of potential followers, we follow them on your behalf. Many of these people will follow you back.

We use the information you send us in your initial questionnaire to create your community-building strategy. If you see that the people we are following for you are not, in general, aligned with your target audience, then let us know and we can adjust your keywords and other parameters.

We follow people for you manually and at a measured pace in an effort to comply with Twitter’s rules. If the number of people you are following greatly exceeds your number of followers, you will no longer be able to follow anyone new (until your following catches up). To prevent this from happening, we will manually un-follow people who have not followed you back.

You are able to follow of un-follow anyone you like; but keep in mind that we are doing the same for you. If we duplicate efforts, you may run the risk of exceeding Twitter’s limits, and they may choose to take action. Twitter is not specific in terms of numbers of people you can follow per day, month, or year, and they have full authority to suspend your Twitter account at any time. If this happens, we have no ability to recover your account. Although none of our clients have ever been permanently suspended, we have no control over the actions Twitter takes. It is their platform and they make and enforce the rules at their own discretion.

How does the billing work?

Ghost Tweeting is a monthly subscription service. When you register for the service, your credit card is charged for your first month’s service (and one-time setup fee). From that point on, your card is charged every thirty days for as long a you choose to remain with the service. The billing is automated, so your card will be charged even if it is a weekend or holiday.

Your service begins within 2 weeks of receipt of your intake form (which is why you want to get that back to us in a timely manner). Your full month of service runs from the day we launch your program.

How long do I have to stay with the service?

This is a month-to-month service. If you do not wish to continue, simply send us an email before your next billing cycle, and we will terminate your program. There is no consequence for leaving the program (other than we will miss you!). It is important that that you notify us prior to the next billing cycle because that is when our writers start to create your new content for the month.

Do you have any upgraded programs?

We sure do! Please see our website to learn all about our service offerings.

Do you have social media programs on other networks?

Indeed we do. We have exciting standalone and integrated programs on many social media networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr. We will be happy to customize a program that suits your specific social media needs and goals.

I want to recommend your services to my clients / newsletter list / colleagues. Can I earn commissions?

We are a marketing agency / business coaching practice. Do you have a Private Label service we can offer to our clients?

We do! We can serve as the social media arm of your company. We do all the work, but your clients think that your company is providing the service. Get all the information on becoming a Ghost Tweeting Private Label Partner here.

How Does the Social Media Done For You program work?

Our simple, effective process begins with your intake questionnaire. Your answers serve as our roadmap in planning and executing your social media strategy. Our team learns about your brand, preferences, and goals, and then creates a custom social media strategy. You are assigned a personal account manager who professionally implements and manages your social media campaign. Depending upon the program you select, services may include writing compelling content (in your voice), scheduling daily posts, and engaging with your community. In our upgraded programs, we send you detailed monthly reports so you can gauge your progress and measure your ROI.

What if I just want you to write and post great content?

That works for us! Many of our clients hire us because they simply do not have the time to research, write, and post quality content for their social media pages; but they enjoy logging on and engaging their communities on their own. If this sounds like you, then our Buzz-level programs are perfect. We make sure your social media campaigns sizzle with engaging content throughout the day, every day.

How does the billing work? How long does it take to get started?

You are billed monthly, beginning with the day you register. Your program officially starts within two weeks from the date we receive your completed questionnaire.

Do you have programs that also engage my followers?

Yes: Our Master and Leader programs include daily engagement with your communities. We communicate directly with your followers to expand your visibility, spark conversations, and get you noticed by the people who matter to you.

(Get all the details on our 3 levels of services: Buzz, Master, Leader)

Can I still post on my networks?

Yes: In most programs, your social media activity does not interfere with the campaigns we manage for you. On some platforms, we coordinate efforts with you to avoid duplicate efforts and over-exposure.

How can I be assured the posts will sound like me?

Our social media programs are designed to promote and echo your brand, not invent it. The majority of the content we create for your campaign is based upon ideas and wording found in your writing: blog posts, products, articles, website pages, and other materials. Our writers develop a strong sense of your brand, style, and voice from researching your website and online presence. In fact, we often directly quote or paraphrase your words when crafting tweets and posts. Our clients appreciate how accurately we capture their voice and ideas.

How long am I committed to this service?

This is a month-to-month program. You can cancel at any time, before your next billing statement. We understand that the key to keeping your business is to consistently exceed your expectations.

How often do I need to communicate with you or your team?

It is important that you fill out the initial questionnaire so we can learn about your brand and social media objectives. Beyond that, we are able to completely manage your campaign. And while we encourage you to provide feedback as your campaign progresses. your account manager monitors your social media program and visits your site regularly to search for new content, programs, and products.

Do you have package pricing if I want to do more than one program (i.e. Twitter & Facebook)?

We have a Multiple-Platform package that includes 2 Master-level programs, or 1 Master-level program plus 2 Buzz-level programs.

i.e. Twitter Master + LinkedIn Master
Twitter Master + Facebook Buzz + Instagram Buzz

We create and implement integrated campaigns, so your content is consistent across multiple platforms. Product launches, book releases, speaking engagements, and other time-sensitive events are cross-promoted to maximize visibility.

We’ll help you choose which platforms are the most effective for you and your business. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation

Schedule a time to chat, today, and learn how Ghost Tweeting can help you achieve celebrity social media status with our social media marketing services.